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   Shenzhen Lavichip Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is headquartered in Shenzhen and has an intelligent manufacturing center located in Shunde, Foshan. It is an enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and service of motion control technology and industrial robot related products. The company's products include industrial robots/robotic arm control systems, industrial automation control systems, servo systems, and other industrial core components, extending from front-end manufacturing to back-end services, providing a one-stop solution for industry manufacturing transformation.

   Lavichip has been deeply involved in the industry for more than ten years, and its business is widely distributed in regions such as South China and East China, providing stable and reliable products and services to global equipment manufacturers. The company has launched a series of industrial control systems and comprehensive control solutions in industries such as industrial robots, injection molding, machine tools, and 3C automation, empowering industry manufacturing. It has core technological advantages in areas such as motion control, human-machine interaction, edge control, and the Internet of Things, and has grown into a leading and highly powerful provider of motion control solutions in the industry.

   Since its establishment, the company has been awarded honors and qualifications such as the national level specialized, refined, and innovative "Little Giant", Guangdong Province's "specialized, refined, and innovative" enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise, software enterprise, and the most growing domestic brand in the field of CMCD motion control; We have over 100 intellectual property rights and software patents.

    Lavichip has been deeply involved in the industry for over 15 years, providing professional motion control system products for the upgrading of manufacturing equipment, accelerating factory transformation, and moving towards a new stage of automated production. We also provide professional one-stop solutions for customer scenario based applications and production upgrades. Not limited to the past, thinking about the future, Langyuxin adheres to the concept of "survival through quality, development through innovation, and favor through service", focusing on the field of motion control, aiming to lead the industry to break through inherent thinking, unleash new innovation and integration in traditional industries, promote the transformation and upgrading of the automation industry, and welcome the arrival of Industrial Manufacturing 4.0 and the era of intelligent manufacturing.

    Lavichip will continue to keep up with the times, continuously create leading industrial motion control series products for the industry, and plug in "key wings" for China's manufacturing to accelerate its transformation to intelligence. In the new pattern of domestic and international dual cycle coordinated development, Langyuxin will help China's intelligent manufacturing go global and introduce advanced technology, making contributions to building a strong manufacturing country.

  Deep into the system 

    Deeply innovate products, integrate new technologies and concepts, strengthen the upgrading and iteration of system products, conduct technical breakthroughs, and meet the diverse application needs of the market.

  Deep into the industry

    Develop the industry horizontally, integrate industry resources, promote full coverage of industry market fields, establish a service advantage centered on system applications and solution solutions, and expand industry influence.

  Deep into the industry

    Deepen the industry, open up segmented market business, promote industrial chain and comprehensiveness, vigorously develop universal system platforms, establish industry standards, and expand new markets.

The company's business is widely distributed in the southern and eastern regions of China, and vigorously develops

 markets both domestically and internationally.

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