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Regional Sales  Base salary plus commission  3

Sales Representative/Sales Engineer/Salesperson/Regional Sales Manager
Note: The company mainly operates automation control systems, industrial control systems, and robotic arm control systems.
Salary and benefits: specific face-to-face discussion
1、 Job requirements:
1. Full time college degree or above, preferably in marketing, industrial automation, or electrical mechanical automation, mechanical and electronic engineering/mechatronics integration
2. At least one year of sales work experience, familiar with industrial control, automation, equipment and other product sales experience is preferred
3. Possess strong customer communication skills and business processing skills, have a good teamwork spirit, and can actively complete the goals set by the company and oneself
4. Enthusiastic, persistent, and always passionate about business work, with clear work ideas, clear goals, ability to endure hardships, and strong resistance to setbacks
5. Have a good sense of teamwork, compensation, benefits, development, and we all meet your needs
6. Experience in industrial accessories such as PLC servo motors, guide rails, reducers, controllers, etc. is preferred. (Our industry has a certain level of technological content and requires a certain technical foundation)

2、 Job responsibilities
1. Familiar with industrial control and automation industries, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of our company's products,
2. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's industrial control products;
3. According to the marketing plan, achieve departmental sales targets;
4. Expand new markets, develop new customers, and increase the sales range of products;
5. Responsible for planning and executing sales activities within the sales area, and completing sales tasks.
3、 Salary and benefits
1. Sign a formal labor contract with a base salary and generous commissions and bonuses;
2. Pay five insurances, offer free travel plans both domestically and internationally, enjoy various benefits such as national public holidays, holiday benefits, year-end bonuses, paid annual leave, performance bonuses, Girls' Day, project awards, etc;
3. We manage transparent, fair and just opportunities for promotion and further education, linked to performance, and train talents to become future management cadres;
4. Working hours: Flexible working system, no need to report to the company from nine to five;
5. Enterprise training: New employee onboarding training, department training, functional training, professional skills training, our company has good training and promotion opportunities;
6. Career development: With a sound and good career promotion channel and a broad career development platform, we look forward to your joining and creating our own value together;

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